Here at Deep Creek Lodging Company, we think that booking a vacation rental home should be fun, easy, and affordable. With so many third party sites, you may be wondering what the advantages of booking directly with the rental company may be. We’re going to break down some of the hidden fees and common issues found on third party sites like VRBO, Homeaway, and Trip Advisor to show you why booking directly with us can save you time and money!

No Hidden Service Fee

As with most third party sites, the host displays information either provided from the main site or entered by an individual and allows users to see multiple properties from different companies or homeowners in one search. It’s easy to see why sites like VRBO and Homeaway are extremely popular when it comes to booking a home for a vacation. Recently, though, these sites have come under scrutiny for charging users fees up to 9% of their total. And while there is a service fee cap of $499 on VRBO, it’s still an additional cost to vacationers. This fee goes directly to the third party site – not the homeowner or property management company. The easiest way to avoid this fee? Book directly with the rental company.

Website Catered to Deep Creek Lake

Most websites are high tech and built specifically for their intended purpose, so it’s no surprise that VRBO or Homeaway are easy to use and navigate. That being said, our website has one major thing going for it that you won’t find on VRBO – Deep Creek Lake specific information and searching tools. If you’re planning a vacation to Deep Creek Lake, why not learn all that you can about our area and our rental properties? We not only break down what each property type or location means, but we also offer more area-specific information, events, and searching tools based on what’s important for our area.

Personal Attention

When booking on Homeaway or VRBO, the contact or question methods may not get you to a person who has answers. There are many benefits of digital communication, but let’s be honest, sometimes you just want to pick up the phone and talk to a real person about your questions. Our reservation staff knows everything about our area, our properties, and our website, making them your all-in-one Deep Creek & Deep Creek Lodging expert. They can explain the rates, specials, seasonality, and any other questions you may have.

One of our primary goals at Deep Creek Lodging Company is to provide our renters with an unforgettable stay at Deep Creek Lake. That includes a smooth and transparent booking process. The money you’ll save skipping that hidden service fee alone could cover the cost of a boat or ski rental, a night out on the town, or the perfect souvenir to remember your trip. We’re here to help you have the best vacation for the best price. Call us or browse online to start planning your Deep Creek vacation today!

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