Time to Put Your Boat Docks in at Deep Creek Lake!

Due to the mild winter temperatures Deep Creek Lake experienced this winter, the lake was only froze for a very short time and it was never a very thick layer. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) are allowing the boat docks to be put in the water earlier than usual this year. The standard date has always been April 1st, however, some years we still have inches of ice covering the entire lake.

The Deep Creek Lake State Park boat launch ramp will be open as long as we don’t receive any additional ice or snow. If we would receive another brief spring snow storm, the ramp will be closed until it is safe to operate vehicles again. Just a reminder, there is a fee to launch any water craft from the state park ramp.

For a quick reference guide, please visit our Boating Regulations page.

The property managers at Deep Creek Lodging Company are knowledgable in all the boating rules and regulations, and are here to answer any questions. Please call 301-387-7777 or email us for details. Or, you may contact the Deep Creek Lake NRMA office for additional details at 301-387-4111.

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