Looking for a relaxing, family friendly activity for all ages? Enjoy a leisurely drive through the scenic landscapes and back roads of Deep Creek Lake with the fall foliage as the star of the show!

The Deep Creek Lake Visitor’s Center offers two Fall Foliage Driving Tours starting at the lake and winding through various state parks and even to the highest point in Maryland! The short tour will take about an hour for a total travel distance of 25 miles, while the extended tour will take almost two hours for a total travel distance of 62 miles. The scenery and trees won’t disappoint, you may even see some wildlife such as deer, or if you’re lucky, a bear! Take note of areas you would like to come back and visit as you explore all that the Deep Creek Lake area and Garrett County has to offer! Download the directions or call 888-387-5237 for more information.

Deep Creek Lodging Company is offering many Fall Specials for your getaway!

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