We’ll never get tired of saying it; it’s snowing at Deep Creek Lake!!

Winter Storm Niko arrived overnight and left us with beautifully frosted trees and 5 inches of fresh snow. In addition to the snow from Niko, Garrett County is also now getting lake effect snow throughout the day.

After initial predictions had us getting 6-8” of snow, the totals were upgraded yesterday evening, projecting 8-12” by Friday. Probably the only thing better than knowing we’re getting a good amount of snow, is having that total upped.

The snow started in the wee hours of the morning, dropping 4-5” by sunrise. Generally when rain proceeds snow, the snow clings and freezes to every little branch and leaf, creating that perfectly frosted winter landscape.

The snow picked back up around 10 am and it’s been heavily snowing since! We’re most likely going to end the day close to their predictions of 8-12 inches, but maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll get a little extra. We had a clearing for about an hour, however, the snow is flying again and we are expected to get 3-5 more inches tonight.

It’s going to be an awesome weekend to visit and hit the slopes or just enjoy this perfect winter weather. Watch the conditions from the Wisp Resort Cams. If you’re looking for a last minute rental near or on the slopes, call 301-387-7777 or email one of our friendly reservationists to find the perfect fit for you!

We will see you on the slopes!

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