Deep Creek Lodging Company and Wilson Supply are partnering to provide low cost, high quality propane for your home!
Wilson Supply has been a locally owned propane provider since 1952 and they offer wonderful services to give homeowners superior customer service and products.

Tank Utility:

Wilson Supply is now excited to offer the ability to check your underground propane tank level anywhere with internet service! With Tank Utility, you can ensure your residence always has the propane it needs.

  • Three (3) sets of eyes will be able to see your propane levels:
    • Deep Creek Lodging Company
    • Wilson Supply
    • You, the homeowner
  • Ability to check propane levels at anytime with a smartphone
  • Peace of mind knowing your home won’t run out during holidays or vacations

White Glove Service:

With their White Glove Service, you will get the best service available in the area, well beyond other basic programs.
What is included:

  • A free underground tank monitoring system and installation
    • Does not include any repairs or WiFi extender, if needed
    • Five (5) year contract with auto fill-up is required
  • A complete propane systems check by our CETP Employees
  • Dedicated direct line to an account manager 24/7, on top of our 24/7 emergency service line
  • And so much more!

Tank Monitoring Through WiFi:

  • First year cost is just $200
  • After first year, service fee is $60 per year
  • Deep Creek Lodging Company installs
  • Includes one (1) free gas-grill tank exchange per year, per household
  • Five (5) year contract is required

A cellular-based module is available if WiFi isn’t possible in your area: it must be purchased from Wilson Supply, it’s more expensive and has a higher yearly service charge, and a three (3) year contract is required.

You can also self-install and self-monitor, but Deep Creek Lodging Company would not be able to assist in installation and Wilson Supply would not be able to see your tank level for filling.

Underground Cathodic Protection:

  • The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) is mandating the monitoring of underground tanks
  • It is required to monitor your underground tank; Cathodic Protection is the history proven industry standard method
  • Underground Cathodic Protection prevents your tank from deterioration and eventual leakage

Why You Need Cathodic Protection:

  • Safety
  • Protect your house and loved ones from a tank leak
  • The NFPA is requiring a monitoring method
  • Until the mid-2000s, there were no building codes in Garrett County:
    • Many underground propane tanks are not to NFPA Guidelines
    • Twice recently in Garrett County, underground propane tanks have leaked to the immediate area

Information is provided by: Wilson Supply, Inc., 15401 McMullen Highway, Cumberland, Maryland 21502. Contact them at 888-777-6921 or by email.

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