Before You Visit

 Because all of our properties are individually owned, when you make a  reservation for a specific accommodation we are obligated to keep your  reservation for this same home. If you need additional room for more guests that would like to join you on your trip, you are welcome to call any  of our vacation consultants at 1-866-544-3223 to look at options for a 2nd  accommodation that may be nearby your original choice. If you would like  to change your choice of home altogether, we must follow the standard  cancellation policy outlined in your terms and conditions and start a new  reservation for your new choice.
In most cases we cannot allow a change of dates to your reservation without following the standard cancellation policy. We are contractually obligated to the homeowner of the property you’ve rented to ensure they are paid for the dates you’ve agreed to and so must extend that obligation to the renter. If you have recently booked within the past 48 hours and your arrival date is more than 30 days away, we may be able to make accommodations for you to transfer your dates to another time. If you do not fall within the criteria above, but would still like to change the dates of your reservation, you can call any of our vacation consultants at 1-866-544-3223 to start a new reservation and to cancel the original reservation under the rules of our standard cancellation policy.
All of our home’s addresses and turn-by-turn driving directions are located on your property’s specific webpage (you can find your home using our alphabetical list here). This information is also located within your guest portal under the “Arrival Information” tab.You can also find your home’s address on your booking confirmation. Included are links to our alphabetical property list as well as Google Maps to GPS your drive

Our Travel Party list is in place for a multitude of reasons. The main reason, in which this list will benefit you as well, is that if you’ve accepted the travel insurance and need to make a claim for any reason, the travel insurance company may only cover those members that are listed on your travel party list in a claim.This list is also in place to ensure our travelers are not planning a vacation larger than the capacity of the home they’ve rented. The maximum occupancy of a home is determined by the county licensing authority and we must ensure this limit is enforced. We ask that you please abide by the maximum occupancy number for the home you’ve rented at all times

Guests under the age of 3 do not count towards your total; however, we asked that you still list their names and the category “Baby/Toddler” on your travel party list

Up to 2 dogs are allowed in any home that advertises as “Dog Friendly” through our website. A non-refundable pet fee must be paid for each pet in advance. If your home is considered Dog Friendly and you would like to bring them along, please call to speak with a vacation consultant at 1-866-544-3223 about adding the pet fees to your bill prior to arrival.Cats and other animals are prohibited from our rentals. Please clean up after your pets and do not allow them on furniture and beds. The damage waiver program does not cover damages caused by pets.

*Please note there is no guarantee that any home is completely free of allergens.

Standard check-in time year-round is at 4:00pm. Based on availability, you may be able to add an early check-in to your reservation for an additional fee. Early check-in time is considered 1:00pm. Please call our vacation consultants at 1-866-544-3223 for information on availability and pricing. If you arrive prior to 4:00pm and do not have an early check-in, we will gladly allow you access to the home prior to this time if the home is cleaned and ready for your arrival. We make no promises that any home will be ready prior to 4:00pm that has not had an early check-in added with advanced notice.

Unless you’ve received an email that your home is part of our new remote check-in program, you will need to come to our office for your keys and arrival information. Our office is located at:
5 Vacation Way
McHenry, MD 21541

This is the blue building located between the Visitor’s Center and Railey Realty.

Early check-ins and late check-outs can be added to reservations for an additional fee, dependent on availability. Payment for these additions is required with your final payment. If you have already made your final payment, payment is required at the time you request to add. Additional fee varies by the size of your home:
1-3 Bedrooms = $50.00/each
4-5 Bedrooms = $75.00/each
6-9 Bedrooms = $100.00/each
10+ Bedrooms = $200.00/eachEarly check-in time is considered 1:00pm.
Late check-out time is considered 1:00pm.

*Please note: due to the high volume of back-to-back reservations during the summer weeks; all reservations from Mid-June to Late-August MUST add these options at least 2+ weeks in advance of arrival. All other times of the year, the window of availability is 1-3 days prior to arrival for early check-in and 1-3 days prior to departure for late check-outs.

In addition, please know that because of the size, all homes 6 bedrooms or larger and all homes with pools will not be permitted to allow an early check-in or late check-out during the summer season. This is to ensure we have the time to properly prepare the home for your arrival and the arrival following your departure.

Sheets and towels are provided for the maximum occupancy of your home. (Towels are NOT provided for the Swallow Falls Cabins) Please bring any beach towels, all paper products, trash bags, detergents, & soaps.Beds will be made with linens, pillows, a blanket, and bedspread. All homes are equipped with a drip coffee maker, toaster, pots, pans, dishes, utensils, and glassware to fit the occupancy of the home.

A more detailed checklist of the items we provide and those you’re responsible for were sent to you in your original booking confirmation and will also be sent again in your pre-arrival email (look for this approx. 2 weeks prior to your arrival date).

You are more than welcome to bring a portable fire pit to any of our properties, unless otherwise specified on their property webpage (you can check your property using our alphabetical list here), with the understanding that fire pits may not be placed on decks and patios. These should be used in the yard away from homes, trees, decks, patios, and other structures that could be damaged from the smoke and heat.
We will provide propane for all gas grills and you can call any time during business operating hours to request a refill. Charcoal is not provided for charcoal grills with any of our rentals.
2 bundles of firewood for each night you’re staying will be provided for participating properties (call for availability) with a wood burning fireplace during the dates of September 15th – April 15th as a complimentary starter package.If more firewood is needed, you will need to provide this. You can call our vacation consultants about availability of more than 2 bundles (additional fees apply) or purchase additional bundles from any of our local gas stations.

When You Arrive

I’m the contract holder, but someone else will arrive before I do. Can they check in without me?
The keys and directions to your home will be left in our lockbox, located at the rear of our office building inside the breezeway. The key box combination for this lockbox is 1-3-5.You will need to check in with our office the next morning to confirm that all paperwork is signed and to present your photo I.D. for validation.

Please note that upon arrival cleaning personnel may be on the premises until 6:30pm to ensure a thorough and proper cleaning of your rental.

Our vacation consultants do not schedule and plan your vacation activities, but because they are all locals to the area, any of them would be happy to assist you in providing their opinions on the best places to eat, things to do, activities to book, and places to shop! You can call to speak with our vacation consultants at 1-866-544-3223.If you would prefer to browse the many activities Deep Creek Lake has to offer on your own, you can visit our recommendations at . Upon request, we will also provide you with an area activities packet at check-in.

Yes, all guests 16 and older will need a fishing license to fish in the area. There are 2 types of licenses, freshwater (non-tidal) and saltwater (tidal); you will need the freshwater (non-tidal) license.Visit the Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources to learn more about fishing regulations for the area and to purchase a fishing license.

All parking is free at your rental property for the specified maximum parking number. Boat trailers are considered 1 vehicle towards your total number of vehicles.Some HOA and townhouse/condo communities do not allow boat trailer parking. This will be specified on your terms and conditions, will be given to you at check-in, is included in the welcome book at your property, and is also listed on the property’s webpage. (You can find your property using our alphabetical list here)

If your home’s community/area does not allow boat trailer parking, you will need to make arrangements prior to arrival to have your boat trailer stored at a local storage center. We cannot accommodate boat trailer parking at our office.

All vehicles over maximum occupancy and/or in roadways are at risk for towing at any time without warning
and at the guest’s expense.

We have 3 DVD rental machines (similar to a red box) located at our main check-in office. You can ask our front desk associates for a card to access the machines and check out 2 DVDs at a time.Exchange as often as you’d like! Bring your DVDs back and ask the front desk associates for a new card to rent 2 more DVDs. There is no charge for rental. We do ask that you return all DVD rentals prior to, or at, check-out.

Almost all of our homes with Wi-Fi are set up with the password “3013872124”. The Wi-Fi connection name will be the name of the home you’re staying in. You can find this password in your welcome book, in your booking confirmation and pre-arrival emails, as well as on the front of your welcome packet at check-in.Some of our homeowners request a password different from the standard. If your home’s password is different, this will be listed in your welcome back at the home.

After Your Stay

Most homes are equipped with 2 bear-proof trash bins at the top of their driveways, with the exception being those homes that have community dumpsters. The garbage bins should remain by the roadside at all times. The location of community dumpsters will be located in your welcome book at the home.Please bag and tie all trash and remember to close and the lids of cans to prevent animals from getting in. Pick up is once a week (day of pick up is specific to your home).

Please contact our vacation consultants at 1-866-544-3223 for information on what to do with any excess trash you may have during your stay or prior to check-out.

Prior to check-out, we ask that you leave the home in the same general condition as you found it. Wash & put away dishes, empty & wipe out refrigerator, straighten and organize furniture as you found it, leave beds unmade and linens in the rooms, place trash in bear-proof bins at top of driveway or community dumpster (for excess trash, please call our office for disposal instructions. DO NOT leave excess trash outside trash receptacles), lock all windows and doors, and drop off your keys and rented DVDs at the front office by check-out time. We also accept any unused canned items at the office to be donated to a local charity.This detailed checklist is also included in your original booking confirmation, pre-arrival email, and under the “Arrival Information” tab of your guest portal.

Standard check-out time is 10:00am, year-round. Based on availability, you may be able to add a late check-out to your reservation for an additional fee. Late check-out time is considered 1:00pm. Please call our vacation consultants at 1-866-544-3223 for information on availability and pricing.If you received an email that your home is part of our new remote check-out program, you do not need to come back to the office or notify us by phone that you are checking out. Please follow the instructions as given in your email.

If your home Is not part of this program, but is a keyless entry home and you do not need to return DVD rentals or speak to anyone prior to check-out, you can call us at 301-387-2124 to notify us that you’re checking out.

If your home is accessed using a key, you have DVD rentals needing returned, and/or you need to speak with someone prior to your departure, you will need to come back to our office to complete your check-out. Our office is located at:
5 Vacation Way
McHenry, MD 21550

This is the blue building located between the Visitor’s Center and Railey Realty.

Same Time, Same Place is a term we use to let you know that you have first rights to reserve the same home you’ve just rented, for the same time period the following year.You have until the Tuesday following your arrival to reserve your home for the following year. You can also ask if your home participates in our Vacation Rewards program that provides a discount to repeat renters of the home.

The Thursday following your arrival at 8:00am, the property will be opened up to the public for rental. If you wish to rent a different home for the same time period, you will need to wait until this time to officially reserve another property.

If you realize you’ve left something at the home and you are no longer in the area, please call us immediately at 301-387-0080 to file a lost and found report. Calling us as soon as you realize this has been left will give us a better chance of retrieving the items prior to a new renter entering the home. Once a new renter has checked into the home, we cannot look for the missing items until they have departed.We are not responsible for any items lost or stolen at the property, however we will do everything that we can to locate and send back your items. Items sent back will incur a shipping fee dependent on the weight via UPS and will require a credit card for the charges prior to shipment.

Please know that we care very much about ensuring you have your items back safe-and-sound. However, we cannot guarantee all items will be found on inspection. If we should find your lost items, we will give you a call to confirm and take credit card information. A callback is not done unless we find the lost item(s). You can call to check on the status of your lost item any time during business operating hours at 301-387-0080.

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