Red Run is a lake front townhome community nestled in the mountains located in the southern part of Deep Creek Lake. This community features 11 acres of grassy and wooded common grounds including an outdoor pool, tennis and basketball courts, firepit and picnic areas, and a gorgeous lake front with common docks. Red Run provides wonderful lake views with a quiet and private community feel!

Please visit the Red Run website for additional information, including an Interactive Community Map & Dock Slip Map.

Red Run Community Rules & Regulations:
These rules and regulations govern the use of common elements and other activities affecting the overall value of Red Run Condominium property and the wellbeing of owners, owners’ guests and renters. These rules have been set by the Council of Unit Owners and will be reviewed periodically for changes deemed necessary. They are binding on all owners, owners’ guests and renters. It is the responsibility of the owners to assure that guests and renters understand these rules and it is required that Rules and Regulations be posted in your unit.

Penalties: Anyone who does not comply with the Rules and Regulations will be put on written notice and/or further action could occur.
  1. Rental agencies or owners must provide a copy of the Rules and Regulations to all renters and have a copy posted in every rented unit.
  2. All condo owners, owner’s guests and renters must comply with the Maryland Condominium Act. This Act takes precedence over any and all Rules and Regulations.
  3. A speed limit of 10 miles per hour on the access road from Mayhew Inn Road is set.
  4. Owners are responsible for their own adverse actions and any adverse actions of their renters, guests and employees which may adversely affect their unit, other units and all limited common and all common areas.
  5. Debris of any type should not be thrown or dropped from outside balcony areas.
  6. Nothing may be hung from or on the balcony railings of the units.
  7. Excessive noise and unreasonable activity by owners, guests or renters after 10:00 pm and before 7:00 am is not permitted (this is a code of MD regulation). Any unreasonable activity should be brought to the attention of the offending parties. If no resolution occurs, the Sheriff or State Police should be called immediately. The Property Manager should be contacted the next business day to follow up with the owner or rental agency for disciplinary actions.
  8. No china or glassware is permitted in pool area or near the docks.
  9. All codes are to be given to owners, owners’ guests and renters only. Renters and guests may not use facilities after their visit or rental tenancy has expired.
  10. No cutting or trimming of any trees, bushes or greenery on DNR property is allowed without expressed authorization from both the Board/Property Manager and DNR.
  11. No more than six (6) occupants are allowed per unit without special permission of the Board.

Parking & Storage:

  1. During peak seasons, parking may be a problem. Therefore; owners, renters and guests will tandem park when there is more than one vehicle per condominium.
  2. Recreational Vehicles containing sleeping accommodations are not permitted in the complex. Boats, trailers and untagged vehicles (including but not limited to ATV’s) are not to be parked in the parking lot for more than 24 hours except by written permission from the Board.
  3. All-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) are not permitted to operate on Red Run grounds. Snowmobiles are permitted when there is sufficient snow cover to prevent damage to the ground or pavement beneath. At no time shall snowmobiles be permitted to operate on the steps leading down to the lake.
  4. Trailers may only be parked near the water building. Nothing else is to be parked or left in this area or on any other common ground.
  5. No guests or tenants are permitted access to the Pump House storage area.


  1. All refuse is to be placed in bags and deposited in the centrally located dumpster at the corner of the dog-walking area. Do NOT leave trash on common grounds.
  2. No trash bags may be left outside units or on common grounds.
  3. Red Run is a recycling community. All recyclables to be placed in the Recycle Bin located next to the garbage dumpster.
  4. Recycled trash should be placed in a clear garbage bag.
  5. No glass to be placed in the recycle bin.
  6. Trash Code is to be provided to owners and renters only.

Pool Hours – Open 11:00 am – 8:00 pm daily Memorial Day through Labor Day.

  1. The Pool area and the bath houses are for the exclusive use of owners, owners’ guests and renters.
  2. No life guards are on duty. It is the exclusive responsibility of adults to supervise children while in the pool area. Children under 12 years of age are not permitted in the pool without an adult.
  3. Pool hours by season are posted on a sign at the entrance to the pool.
  4. Pets are not allowed in the pool area.
  5. Bathers should use special care not to drop food or foreign objects in the pool or pool area and avoid leaving foot and wearing apparel in the pool area.
  6. All bathers are cautioned to observe signs at pool side. Pool is to be used at bather’s own risk. See Pool Rules and Regulation sign posted at pool.
  7. No Diapers or bear bottoms in the pool. Infants and Toddlers are required to wear Little Swimmers or similar protection.
  8. Pool code is to be given to owners and renters only.

Tennis/Basketball Courts:

  1. The tennis courts and basketball hoop are for the exclusive use of owners and renters.
  2. If the courts are full, please be considerate for all to use.
  3. When finished using tennis courts/basketball hoop, remove all items and put all trash in the trash can provided.
  4. Upon leaving, gates must be secured and locked.
  5. Tennis Courts and Basketball Regulation sign is posted at courts.
  6. Tennis/Basketball code is to be given to owners and renters only.


  1. Renters are not allowed to have pets. Long-term renters (6 months or longer) may have pets with the permission of the condo owner.
  2. Long-term renters who have pets are responsible for litter and clean-up. Pets must be on a leash or under direct control of owner. All dogs must be accompanied by their owners at all times. Owners are encouraged to walk dogs in the designated dog-walking area adjacent to the pool and tennis courts. Owners are fully responsible for the actions of their pets.


  1. Docks are for the exclusive use of unit owners, owners’ guests and renters.
  2. Each unit is assigned a dock space for the owner or renter.
  3. Running, jumping or pushing on the docks is not allowed at any time.
  4. Caution should be exercised when using docks to assure there is no damage to boats or bathers. Should damage to docks or boats occur, the Property Manager should be notified immediately.
  5. A “NO WAKE” zone is in place within 50 feet of the docks.
  6. All refuse should be placed in trash containers placed near docks.
  7. No glass objects are to be taken on the docks or in the dock area…plastic or paper only.
  8. Children 12 and under should be supervised while in the dock and water area.

Fire Pit & Grills:

  1. Fire pit is for the exclusive use of unit owners, owners’ guests and renters. The fire pit has been properly set up in ordinance with DNR. Any changes to the fire pit or other fire pits erected may result in disciplinary action.
  2. The fire pit can be used year-round.
  3. Fire must be completely extinguished before leaving.
  4. If a wind advisory has been issued, do not use the fire pit. Even if an advisory has not been issued but it is windy, responsible burning is up to the owner or renter.
  5. Wood is to be provided by the owner or renter, do not break off any limbs or cut any trees down for wood.
  6. Maryland State Fire Regulations prohibit the use of charcoal and gas/propane grills on decks and balconies of buildings having 3 or more units at any time. Charcoal and propane grills (mobile grills) can only be used on ground level units and must be pulled a minimum of 25 feet from the building and be free of overhanging structures (decks). Electric grills may be used anywhere on the property including decks and balconies. The Garrett County Fire Marshall routinely inspects condo complexes and may issue citations with stiff monetary penalties for violations. The Council insurance carrier may refuse to honor any claim for damages caused if these provisions have been violated.

Personal Water Crafts (PWC’s):

  1. Each condo unit is assigned 1 dock slip. The unit number is on the dock slips. At present the DNR allows us to have a total of 9 jet skis.
  2. Jet ski ramps cannot be rented out.
  3. If use of more than 9 jet skis is requested, a lottery will be imposed as needed.

Water & Sewerage:

  1. Any issues with water in the unit must be reported to the Property Manager immediately.
  2. The grinder pump locations are attached to and made part of these Rules & Regulations.
  3. If a red light at a grinder pump is on, the County should be contacted immediately at the number on the red light box to report it. Then the incident should be reported to the Property Manager.

Red Run Property Manager Contact Information:
Property Management Services
301-387-7368 Monday- Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
301-616-5976 After Hours and Holidays

Community Photos by Carol Wills

  • Lake Front Townhome Community
  • 11 Acres of Common Lake Front
  • Community Heated Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Courts
  • Basketball Courts
  • Picnic Tables
  • Community Firepit
  • Common Boat Docks
  • Trails for Walking & Jogging
  • Playground
  • Paved Parking Lot
  • Wooden Pathway to Lake
  • Lake Front Seating